SAESO offers strategic direction to help businesses maximize investment across product, data, and technology.

Digital Experience

Customers expect technology and digital marketing experiences which serve their needs over those of the brands. Through Journey Mapping and Use Case development, SAESO delivers clarity around how the brand can meet those needs and ultimately informs design and development with personalization in mind – capturing the specifics of the experience, data, and platforms.

Marketing Data Framewokrs

SAESO helps clients put in place Data-to-Activation Management as well as 360 Customer Governance -- essential disciplines that keep the customer experience relevant, as a business scales the use of data in managed and orchestrated experiences.

Business Planning

SAESO supports organizations at all levels of maturity to plan and prepare for growth and operation in a changing data and technology landscape -- roadmapping each step of capability change, the implications to the business, and key decisions supported with industry and competitor analysis.