We are experts in understanding technology and creating experiences that engage customers. At SAESO, our Original Thinking makes you the customer's immediate choice in the moment.

Our Expertise:

Our breadth of experience spans across four different service pillars.


● Business Planning

● Market Analysis

● Technology Strategy

● Data-to-Activation Management

● Channel Compliance Planning

● Due Diligence

● CRM and Customer Engagement Program Design

● Customer 360 Data Governance

SAESO Insights

● Security, Privacy, and Compliance

● Identity Management

● Third Party Data Management

● Measurement Planning

● Marketing/Media Ops

● Reporting

SAESO Health

● Regulatory (HIPAA, CMS, SOC, HiTECH)

● Marketing Strategy and Execution

● Customer Engagement

● User Experience Design

● Omni-channel Execution

● Complete-Journey Optimization

● Product Roadmapping

● Accessible Interfaces

SAESO Platforms

● Partnerships

● Data Strategy and Integration

● Marketing Platforms

● Data Security & Audit

● Penetration Testing and Threat Modeling

● Data Management Platforms

● Technical Operations

● Data Architecture and Governance

● Platform Builds

● Mobile and Web Apps

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